Monday, May 30, 2011

Bear porn star: Mack

Mack is one big mean bear daddy! With his big beefy body, his fat cock and his attitude you know this man takes no crap from nobody. He likes to play rough -very rough!- and he fucks bareback too. 

But you would be surprised to see that he is also a sensuous kisser, a hungry cocksucker, that he loves to have his ass played with, and -yes!- like a real man he knows how to bottom too, even if only very rarely... 

He has his own website where he sells vids and used jockstraps and so on, go check him out at


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage porn star: Glen Steers

 Glen Steers epitomized the clone look, from his debut in the late seventies for Colt/Buckshot until his final flurry of videos in the late nineties for Falcon and Jocks. Handsome, not unnaurally pumped up like so many of todays stars, no sign of a tattoo either (am I alone in thinking these muscled tattooed stars are incredibly generic and boring???) and -apart from in his earliest Buckshot work- sporting a big moustache. A total top, Glen is at his best while fucking some hapless twink into oblivion but I think he was hottest when paired with another hunk, like Frank Vickers in Colt's Hayfever. Glen Steers is no longer among us but his legacy will continue to arouse men who are into real men for a very, very long time!

Bear porn star: Arpad Miklos

Arpad Miklos. 

Big muscled Hungarian daddybear who can fuck like there is no tomorrow. A total top, but not a selfish one like we see so often. Arpad loves to eat ass before he fucks and he is not adverse to kissing and cocksucking either. So we forgive him for not offering that hot ass of his (yet, anyway) and watch him grow more mature with baited breath!

That ass is made to be fucked!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bear porn star: Clint Taylor

Clint Taylor has been around quite a while and he seems to get sexier with age like proper bears do. He hauls from New Orleans where he owns  bar, and can often be seen fucking other bears in Pantheon and Bearfilms movies. Older work of his includes several hot flicks from the Catalina bear-line. Occasionaly Clint is paired with younger guys but for me that doesn't quite work, I think I can tell he really is a bear's bear, like me... Lol, at least we are facebook buddies!